Why donate to the Friends of the Manhattan Beach Libraries?

Donating to the Friends of the Manhattan Beach Libraries is the only way to know 100% of the funds raised by your donations go back into the Manhattan Beach community.

There are several places in the South Bay area happy to accept book and audio/video media donations. Each item donated to a chain storefront non profit is shipped off to a sorting facility then reloaded and sent to whichever region the head office deems in need of donations. The sorting process can take days to weeks and items donated at local stores or bins may be re-sold several miles away from the coast.

All items donated to the Friends of the Manhattan Beach Libraries are hand-sorted by a large groups of resident volunteers and treated with great care until the next book sale. All Friends of the Manhattan Beach Libraries book sale proceeds go right back into the community for things such as children’s learning programs and various events held in Manhattan Beach. If you have a few books laying around and you need more space or simply want to support the continued growth and education of beautiful Manhattan Beach, please donate to the Friends.

You can donate gently used items using the donation drop-box located in the parking lot of the Joslyn Community Center in downtown Manhattan Beach. Visit the Donate page for more information.